Speed record machine makes pit stop at Moffett

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The team behind a new land speed record attempt that aim to break the 1000 mph threshold in 2015 made a very special stop in Dundalk this week.

The Bloodhound project arrived at Moffett Engineering on Thursday, where a host of media, school children and onlookers descended on the factory to view the a full scale replica of the high-tech machine.

The figures for this speed machine are frankly staggering. The seven tonne machine will be faster than a bullet fired from a Magnum 357, it will use 1.5 tonnes of fuel in under a minute and it’s fastest will cover the length of four football fields in the just 1 second.

What makes this land speed speed is that Dundalk will have played a not insignificant part in the contributing a new record, should it be set.

“The Moffett Mounty has been invaluable so far,” said Tony Parraman of the Bloodhound team. “They are effectively a sponsor business, but it is their specifically designed version of the Moffett that has given us the ability to showcase the vehicle.”

The transport company in England who are one of the Bloodhound Projects collaborators have been using Moffetts vehicles for years. Through them Moffett were recruited and they then went about designing a purpose built machine for the 1000mph machine.

“It does things that a conventional forklift couldn’t. It gets us into tight spots!”

Michael O’Reilly“There were modifications made by Moffett, who are owned by Cargotec, and it also has been sprayed painted in the Bloodhound Project colours (blue and orange).

“The forklift is now having some minor modifications now it’s back home in Dundalk.”

The Moffett is also a World first in that is, the paper understands, the first Irish mechanical contribution to a land speed record attempt.

The Bloodhound project is costing £42 million and is paid for through large scale sponsorship deals, including Rolex and Castrol, and private investment.

The record is currently held nationally by Britain and the same founding team that are behind the Bloodhound project, but you will have to wait until 2015 to see if they can break the record.


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