Spate of burglaries

A number of burglaries have occurred around the Dundalk area recently.

A house in Mount Avenue was burgled on Sunday, 10 February between 3-5pm. Assailants gained access to the house by removing the frame from the kitchen window. Jewellery and cash were among the items taken. Another burglary took place in Hacksballcross on Monday, 11 February between 1am and 7am. Thieves popped the back door lock of the house and took the keys of the home owners Toyota Land Rover jeep before making off in the vehicle. Gardaí are asking the public to keep an eye out for the jeep whose reg is 07-LH-4482.

Meanwhile on Friday night, 14 February the Coxes Demense Community Centre was broken at 5am. Thieves gained access to the building by smashing one of the office windows. Nothing was taken.


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