Someone will be killed at crossing

Someone will be killed at Clanbrassil Street unless something is done about the pedestrian crossing, according to Cllr Martin Bellew.

Cllr Bellew told a meeting of the town council that this crossing and the crossings at the Square are still causing confusion and he again asked that the town concil engineers look into the matter.

He said he had raised the matter serval times.

Cllr Bellew has again asked for distinctive markings on the pedestrian crossings because he believes motorists are simply not stopping to let people cross.

He wants the council to paint black and white road markings and provide flashing amber lights on all polls.

At a previous meeting Cllr Bellew said half the vehicles passing through the Square in Dundalk do not stop yo allow people to cross on the pedestrian crossing.

And Cllr Oliver Morgan also raised tha matter and put forward a motion at the November meeting of the council asking the engineers to make all the pedestrian crossing the same and to try and minimise the disruption to the traffic flow in the town.

Town Engineer Catherine Duff said reports will issued about the pedestrian crossings and brought before the council as soon as possible.

In his motion before the council, Cllr Morgan said the engineers’ reports should “contain an evaluation of the possibility of making all these pedestrain crossings easily and safely usable by the physically impared.




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