Setanta Choir encourages others

Dundalk’s Setanta Choir, in partnership with Create Louth, the arts service of Louth Local Authorities, has just announced that Réalt na Mara Primary School Dundalk, is the winner of their 2013 Choral Bursary.

Setanta is celebrating 35 years of choral singing, and the €2,000 bursary will promote choral singing amongst the next generation.

It will allow the school access to the very best of choral tuition.

Psychology reports are as common as muck these days. One recent report came up with the bright idea that men and women have differently wired brains. And that’s the reason that one half of the human race won’t ask for directions and get there on time, and the other half can’t park the car properly when they do get there.

But as Descartes said: the mind knows no gender. The pixels may be arranged differently and therefore the picture or the way of looking at things may be different, but the essential elements are the same, and that is why basically we all have the same feelings: we just express them differently.

Another psychological report stated that we can all benefit, physically and psychologically, by singing in a choir. Choral music is good for the heart and soul, in case we didn’t know already.

Drogheda man Alan Leech is due to hold a series of workshops with Réalt na Mara and will work with the school choir, students in the classroom, and the staff so the entire school community will benefit from this generous bursary. The bursary is a wonderful gift from Setanta to the wider community and will help improve the quality of choral singing in this area.

Setanta Choir has given us great joy over the years and this is a great way to celebrate 35 years of joyful singing. Well done to all.

Setanta will hold their Christmas Concert on Saturday 14 December in An Tain Theatre Town Hall Dundalk.


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