Sally the Bichon Frise returns after six days on the run

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The Torris family of Togher were left devastated after their two dogs wents missing on the evening of Sunday 20 April.

Sally and a male dog went missing from the Torris family home after the garden gate accidentally came to be open.

The family realised the dogs were missing and within minutes had found the male dog. They drove around the area in a five miles radius. A text alert was sent to the people of Togher and there was a report that they had been seen minutes after going missing.

“Sally is the dog of my youngest daughter Roisin(6), who cried the whole day Monday, and was crying each day since the dog disappeared. She was heartbroken. We were all heartbroken,” Luke Torris told the Democrat.

“We drove the entire area for the a number of days and there was no body and no sighting.

The family suspected that Sally may have been stolen as the Bichon Frise is relatively expensive.

“We thought that she mgiht have been stolen for breeding, even though sh e had been neutered.”

The family had all but given up hope when a breakthrough came.

“Late Friday evening a neighbour thought she spotted her in the area, stopped her car, but was unable to catch her as the dog took to the fields. We spent hours Friday evening and night scouring the fields in the area where she was spotted but got neither sight, sound or scent of her.

“That night, we left all the outside house lights on, both front and back and the gates open in the vain hope that she would find her way home. Saturday morning our other dog was barking mad to get out and she was sitting on the back step!

“Six days after she went missing she reappeared. She was half-starved, soaking, filthy but home - a very happy outcome. It is a complete mystery as to where she was for the six days she was missing and she is not telling.”


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