Robbed four times in their own home

Mickey McShane pointing to another area where  axcess was gained

Mickey McShane pointing to another area where axcess was gained

A Dundalk family have been left terrified in their home after four burglaries in four weeks.

The McShane family, who live at Avondale Park, Dundalk, have been left shaken after thieves targeted their home.

Mickey McShane told The Democrat that his wife Fionnuala, daughters Molly (14), Niamh (13) and Cora (11) have considered moving to Scotland following their ordeal.

The thieves first struck on the 24 May last.

After celebrating a family communion, the McShane’s woke up the next morning to find a window had been forced open and a sum of money stolen from the kitchen.

The next break-in happened on Friday 25 July. Thieves quietly entered the back of the house and took a purse from the upstairs landing area, just beside the bedrooms where the family were sleeping.

The following morning, the family were horrified to find an entire window panel lying on the grass and the purse had been emptied.

On Thursday 31 July, Fionnula left the house to go to a nearby shop with her youngest daughters.

Eldest daughter, Molly, was upstairs in the house.

Within minutes, the thieves forced the rear door and fled the scene with a Samsung Galaxy 8 inch tablet.

The McShane’s were burgled again last Thursday 7 August.

Mickey was in the living room of his house, while his youngest daughters were coming and going playing with friends.

Between 3pm and 5pm, thieves spotted an opportunity and entered the house from the back garden, going upstairs where they stole a HP Pavillion G6 laptop.

Mickey told The Democrat that his family are afraid in their own home.

“My family our scared and frightened,” said Mickey, “We have not been able to sleep at night.

“This is not how we are suppose to live. We should be able to feel secure in our homes.

“I started blaming myself. But why should I? We should be able to live in peace.”

Mickey’s wife, Fionnuala, has already considered moving back to her native Scotland.

“We lived on the Red Barns road before we moved to Avondale.

“We had no problems there,” Mickey explained.

“The last few weeks have been a nightmare.

“We cannot believe that we have been burgled four times.”


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