Rob Kearney encourages students to vote yes to new Sports and Leisure Centre

Rob Kearney checking out the JJB facility with DKIT President Denis Cummins

Rob Kearney checking out the JJB facility with DKIT President Denis Cummins

International Rugby Star, Rob Kearney, was at DkIT last Wednesday, November 28, to promote and launch the proposal that Dundalk IT purchase the JJB sports complex.

After months of negotiations and speculation, DkIT are on the verge of acquiring the JJB facility, which will considerably add to the institution’s sports facilities.

Rob took part in information sessions in the Whitaker Theatre on the proposed purchase of the JJB facilities.

This was ahead of a student vote which will take place on the December 13.

Rob encouraged students to vote ‘Yes’ and backed the purchase of the sports facility.

“I am backing DkIT’s visionary plan to purchase the JJB sports centre. This represents a fantastic opportunity for the students of DkIT and North East Region.”

However in order to do this a special levy of 125 euro will be added onto all student’s registration fees for college at the start of the year.

This is to cover the cost of running the Sports and Leisure Centre including staff, upkeep and maintenance.

However it will also allow all students to use the facilities in the JJB and it will create up to 30 employment opportunities if it goes ahead.

Facilities include indoor athletic training and competitions, full membership to the fully equipped gym, full access to the 20m swimming pool, steam room, steam room and jacuzzi, 10 indoor football pitches, two bars and 450 free parking spaces.

There will also be a free shuttle bus service between the college campus and the Sports and Leisure Centre every 15 minutes.

The college also hopes to roll out a bike scheme with locations at the main campus and the Sports and Leisure Centre.

The current gym in DKIT will then be turned into an elite gym for all elite athletes including more lifting platforms for Olympic lifting.

In addition to the existing services on offer, it is hoped to further develop the building for other sports and societies, for example, an indoor 100m track for athletics will be proposed.

The centre may also be used for conferring, concerts and conferences and there is the potential for the ice dome to re-open.




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