Revamped sports complex will be ‘the last piece in the jigsaw’

The start of the work on tbe extension to The Dundalk Sports Centre in Muirhevnamor

The start of the work on tbe extension to The Dundalk Sports Centre in Muirhevnamor

The manage of Dundalk Sport’s Complex said that the newly designed building will be the ‘last piece in the jigsaw’ for this top class facility.

Graham Russell expect the new facility to be finished by the end of the year, and believes the new design which is aimed at making the facilty accessible all, will make the complex look as a ‘top class’ as the service it provides.

“The build time is 43 weeks, so it should be finished by the end of the year.”

The facility is being built from the ground up and the orginal structure, which was constructed in 1982 is being demolished.

“It was built at a time when accessibility was the not the isse it is now.

“For example there was no lift to the second floor, so people who were differenty abled were unable to use faciliteis on the second floor.

“Many of the doors were not wide enough, the reception area was not suitable and there were no internal communication system for people with hearing difficutlies.”

All these issues and more are to be addressed in the new design which is costing €2 million and is being funding by the Sports Captial Grant.

“We have first class tennis and astro turf facilities, which are still being used throughout the build.

“We want a facility that will allow people of all abilites to use it and we want to roll more specific activities for disabled groups, as well as having a facility that will allow people of differing abilities partake in sport together. Everything will be more inclusive.”

The new complex will also afford staff better facilities.

“Currently we are using some of the facilites of Muirhevnamor FC.

“The old complex staff areas were tired and there was not enough room for the amount of staff that work here now. We had three staff to a desk and so the new complex will allow for a bit more room.”

Graham took over from Noel Redmond at the centre around 10 years ago, and is proud of how the centre has become such a popular destination, both for local people and further a field.

“People from Dublin, Meath, Monaghan all use for the facilites here. It has also brought people into Muirhevnamor and been a positive development in the area.

“We have never had any vandlism to the pitch here in 10 years. People are proud of the centre and the message we are getting is that they are delighted that it is getting redveloped.

“It’s exciting time for the people who use the complex, the staff and the wider Dundalk area,” concludes Graham.


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