Residents in fear after storms expose 20ft deep pit at Ard Dealgan

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The residents of Peter Street are up in arms over the current state of the Ard Dealgan apartment complex in Quay Street.

The apartment complex was developed by Tom McFeeley of Priory Hall fame, and has been unfit for human habitation since it was completed.

Since then, the complex has fallen into ruin and has been not only an eyesore for nearby residents, but also a source of worry over anti-social behaviour and fires being set. The council tried to secure the building but that has proved ineffectual.

The grandson of an elderly resident of the Peter Street told the Dundalk Democrat that follwoing the recent storms there now is a huge hole in the ground behind his grandfather’s garage.

“My 84 year old grandfather can now no longer park his car in his garage due to the exposed pit,” he explained.

“He is too afraid to attempt to reverse out as there is a 20ft hole right behind the garage.”

The man went on to explain that his grandfather is now being forced to park his car in the street.

“ It is a relatively new car and it is his pride and joy, and now it’s out on the street where he has to worry about it being scraped.”

He explained that he has contacted the council “but as it is private property there is not a huge amount they can do.”

“There is also no money to deal with this, which is frustrating because this is seriously dangerous to the public.

He raised the issue of drug users using the building.

“It might be private property but there is a moral obligation on the council to do something with this site,” he said.

“There was obviously issues with how this development was allowed to proceed, where there were so many technical problems with the structure.”

Cllr Jennifer Green has raised the issue of the development and spoke to residents of Peter Street about their concerns.

“During one of the recent storms, a wooden palisade was blown down and there is now a 20ft drop just metres from some residents’ garages. .”

On looking at the 20ft drop, the Sinn Féin councillor expressed her concerns by saying “as a mother of two boys, I am horrified that this drop is so exposed. My boys are inquisitive and adventurou s just like other children and the thought of letting them out of house while this is left like this is so dangerous, it just doesn’t bear thinking about.”

Cllr Jennifer Green has raised this issue with Dundalk Town Council in the past and says she is “exasperated with this issue. DTC are saying that it’s not their responsibility as this falls on owners of the Ard Dealgan building.”

She agreed that the Town Council to date has put €40,000 into trying to secure the building.

“However, I would disagree that the council have no responsibility as they were the ones who granted planning permission for the building in the first place.”


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