Report says 1,088 houses needed in Dundalk by 2018

A new report by the Housing Agency claims that Dundalk needs 1,088 housing units by 2018 to meet demand.

The Housing Agency, an advisory group to the government, claim that nearly 80,000 housing units are needed to be built within four years, and they have pin pointed Dundalk as one the urban areas which will need extra stock.

The report says: “There are pronounced requirements in settlements such as Drogheda Town (1,284 units) and Dundalk (1,088 units) over the next five years.”

This is despite there being in excess of 209 houses currently for sale in the town, and house prices in Dundalk remaining at a six year low.

The expert report forecasts a minimum required supply of 79,660 residential units in urban areas to support the population between 2014 and 2018, an average equivalent of 15,932. The per annum requirement across the country ranges from 9,526 units in 2014 to 20,853 units in 2018.


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