Ravensdale residents call on gardai to take action against joyriders

Daviud MacAonghusa with his Dad Seamus  and  Gary Munley  of the Ravensdale concerned residents with the  Roundabout in the background

Daviud MacAonghusa with his Dad Seamus and Gary Munley of the Ravensdale concerned residents with the Roundabout in the background

Residents of Ravensdale and Ballymac are calling on local representatives and gardai to take action against joyriders wh o are destroying local peoples lives.

The residents fear that somebody will be killed if action is not taken against the joyriders who meet in Dundalk Town Centre before “cruising” to the Ballymac roundabout and Ravensdale.

This has now become a weekly activity on Thursday nights and the drivers leave a trail of destruction behind them including destroyed fields, tyre marks on the roads and broken car parts.

“The speed at which some of the high power cars like Subaru and Nissan Skyline drive off is frightening”, local resident Daithi Mac Aonghusa said.

“They are going to cause a serious accident, somebody will be killed”

Local residents say their lives have been turned upside down since this activity started a number of months ago.

“My own dad is 75 years old and has dementia,” said Daithi.

“Another resident who lives closer to the roundabout is 85, it’s not fair that they have to put up with this.

“We have other neighbours who have to get up at 6am in the morning and commute to work so this is having a serious e ffect on people’s lives and is giving the area a bad name.

This is not what Ravensdale is about”.

Residents say that the lack of garda resources and reduced opening times of the local station has made the area an easy target for this activity.

In August 2013, Dromad Garda Station reduced its opening hours from 5pm-8pm. However, residents say that the station is often now manned during these times.

“We all feel that lack of garda resources, such as sharing a patrol car with Hacksballcross, has left north Louth open for these hooligans to drive around and do as they please with no fear of being caught,” said Daithi.

“We also feel that local representatives have no interest in the problem whatsoever.”

Figures released recently show that seven gardai worked at the Dromad station in 2013 and 5 worked in Hacksballcross.

A statement from the gardai stated:

“Local Garda Management closely monitors the allocation of all resources in the context of crime trends, policing needs and other operational strategies in place on a District, Divisional and Regional level, to ensure optimum use is made of Garda resources, and the best possible Garda service is provided to the public.

“Senior Garda Management is satisfied that a full and comprehensive policing service continues to be delivered and that current structures in place meet the requirement to deliver an effective and efficient policing service to the community.”


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