Rare breed of coffee bean on sale at Panama

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editorial image

Coffee connoisseurs in Dundalk have much to celebrate this week with news that Panama Coffee have unveiled some of the world’s most expensive coffee beans, exclusively for sale at the café.

The exclusive Don Pachi Geisha coffee beans from Panama fetched €120 a pound last year, making it the second most expensive bean in the world.

“The bean is one of the most sought after by roasters and set a world record price last year,” says Steven Egan of Panama Coffee. “The rich volcanic soils of Chiriqui make it an ideal location for coffee growing.

“The world renowned Geisha bean was brought to Panama from Ethiopia over 100 years ago and is famous for its rich taste, scoring 96 percent in tastings.”

Stephen met with the farm owner Francisco Serracin in Panama and he was delighted to hear that Panama Coffee was the first place in Ireland to supply his coffee.”

“You can now sample the coffee for just €4 a cup, which is at cost price. It’s to give people the opportunity to get a taste!”

If you want to get a cup, you’d better hurry, as there is a limited supply.


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