‘Race against time’ to get Niamh a diagnosis

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The father of a teenager with intellectual disabilities says he has been dealt a further blow in his attempt to get appropriate treatment for her.

Dundalk dad David Nesbitt says that has reached a brick wall now that doctors from a private clinic informed that they would not be taking his daughters case on.

His daughter Niamh, is seventeen, but has the mental age of a seven-year-old.

She has violent episodes which have resulted in her trying to stab her family with kitchen knieves and even saw her kick her way through a glass door.

As a result she has been moved to a secure unit in Blanchardstown in Dublin for troubled teenagers. She has already attacked a member of staff at that facility.

“We have just been told this week that the Beaumont Private Clinic will not be taking her case.

“This seemed like our last hope of getting a proper diagnosis.”

The full diagnosis is vital for Niamh’s future well being, as it will enable her to receive appropriate treatment for her condition.

The Aisling Park resident has already asked the Minister for Health to get her asessed in Ormond Street in London if the HSE can’t do it.

“I believe that ultimately the HSE are doing this to avoid taking responsibility so that they can avoid the costs of looking after Niamh.

David has now enlisted the help of Fine Gael TD Peter Fitzpatrick, who is going to make a case for Niamh with the HSE and at the highest level of government.

Speaking to the Dundalk Democrat, Peter Fitzpatrick said: “David’s daughter is clearly violent as seen by the number of Section 12 s against her. .

“Ten different services have refused to take her and no school will take her. In fact she hasn’t been in school for nearly a year.

“She needs to get a psychiatric diagnosis as a matter of urgency.

“First I’m going to find where she is in the HSE systema nd a I’m going to contact the Department of Health in relation to this. I’ve given David a commitment to do my best for him.”

David concludes by saying: “If Niamh doesn’t get diagnosed she will be sent back to us when she reaches 18 in a few months.

“We will have a violent, adult sized child that we will not be able to look after.”


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