Putting us on the tourism trail and map

Edele O Mahony

Edele O Mahony

The combination of the BIDS office and Tourist Information office at the Square has been a tremendous idea. This centre now promote local business and services.

The services the tourist office plays in assisting tourists can not be under estimated and the work is vital for the town is to reach it’s tourist potential.

The new BIDS manager Edel O’Mahony will work with the Tourism and Marketing Officer, Sinead Roche, and the different tourism committees.

They will build on existing festivals and events and get the retailers and businesses on board to spread the word.

“Everyone is a champion,” said Edle. “Local media need to spread the good news.”

Some of the ideas they will be looking at will include, fair trade, May Time Festival, local artisan markets, taste of Dundalk, developing the farmers’ markets, age-friendly trade fair, craft beer festival, student heritage and cultural events.

Improved footfall and increased business is the aim.

“Ultimately,” said Edel, “we want to help give people back a sense of pride in their town, and create a vibrant, friendly, clean, safe and sustainable environment for the citizen, customer and visitor.”


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