Prime suspect flees to US

THE prime suspect in the Det Garda Adrian Donohoe murder case is thought to have fled to the US in the wake of the investigation.

The man is his twenties and from the south Armagh area is understood to have travelled to the UK, before travelling to the US on a British passport.

A source close to investigation told the Dundalk Democrat that pressure is continue to mount on the remaining members of the gang.

Other suspected members of the gang remain in the south Armagh area, with at least two facing charges in the Republic for unrelated offences.

Reports in the national media this week suggested the prime suspect had been partying it up in at horse racing festival in the UK, possible in a bid to give the impression that he under no pressure due to the investigation.

The Democrat understands that Gardaí are as determined as ever bring Det Donohoe’s muderers to justice, and that the case, which has yet to reap any arrests, is now viewed as a slow burner. Gardaí are expected to ratchet up the pressure on the gang, who were behind the botched robbery which claimed the life of the father of two.

The suspect fleeing to the US will seriously hamper the investigation, though it is unlikely that the suspect will able to stay legally in the US. The Gardaí will be unable to extradite the man from the US simply to answer questions.

It is said that the warrants out for the man are for much smaller offences and when he left the Republic of Ireland, there was no bench warrant from the Republic for him.
The five people involved in the robbery in Co Louth are believed to be part of a wider gang of 12 to 15 people.




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