Polish group raise money for sick kids

Local Polish Community Group, Simul Polonia have raised a considerable amount of money for sick children with a recently held charity event. .

The fund raising event, entitled ‘To the Rescue’,, took place at Dundalk Stadium on 12 January and managed to raise over €3,800 for the Polish Charity.

Simul Polonia had been preparing for the event for the previous five months with over 80 Polish volunteers working from their HQ at Monika Nail Bar.

The main event was at Dundalk Staium and featured a number of Polish bands.

Earlier in the day there was also a fun day at the Pirates Den in Dundalk.

Also during the event was on Sunday night when there was an auction in which Artur Szpilka’s boxing gloves or Robert Lewandowski’s Borussia Dortmund t-shirt,.

There was also a beautiful show of Irish dance presented by Connolly School of Irish Dancing, a performance by MAD Youth Theatre, an arm wrestling competition run by the Irish Arm wrestling Federation, and a presentation of Ferocity Mixed Martial Art.

All these attractions brought over 600 people to the Dundalk Stadium.

The organisers of the vent would like to thank everyone that helped, including the sponsors: Dundalk Stadium, Money Gram Money Transfer, Spirit Store, Polish Shops : Krakowiak, Janosik, Mroz; The Grafton Barber, Art Force Tattoo, Richard MacKen Print Express Service, Healthy Pets Veterinary Clinic, Bakery Staropolska Dublin, Bookstore Renatka, L’art Studio Hair Salon, SAS Butcher, MMM Family Bakery, Fur Fur, Saba Art Play, Speed Pack Courier, Sunshine Studio, Sweet Handmade Jewellery, 3D Wooden Puzzle, At Monika’s Trendy and Cheap, Trinkets Jewellery, and Martini Baby Crochet.

A spokesperson for Simul Polonia told the paper: “We would like to thank again every single volunteer and everybody involved in WOSP Finale in Dundalk for giving their time, energy and the heart!”


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