Plans to improve the traffic flow in Chapel Street should involve locals

Chapel street re visited as Contractors were  back  working in the  street on tuesday morning

Chapel street re visited as Contractors were back working in the street on tuesday morning

Dundalk Town Council is considering changing the traffic direction in Chapel Street to eas e congestion.

The high flow of traffic in the narrow two-way street is causing problems for residents and the staff, parents and pupils of the VEC, primary school, and two secondary schools.

Council engineers are proposing that northbound traffic should travel only as far as the CBS primary school. This would alleviate the problem at the Marist end where the road is even narrower.

Only emergency vehicles could travel on from the CBS to the Marist end.

The proposal will go forward for public consultation.

But last week’s meeting of Dundalk Town Council heard that most councillors want direct talks between councils officials and people living and working on the street.

Cllr Jennifer Green was very anxious that discussions with residents and schools take place.

Cllr Martin Bellew said he was amazed the council had not already consulted with residents, schools, and emergency servoces.

“I have been approached on this already,” Cllr Bellew said. “We have to be careful when we go out on consultation. It is very important that a simple drawing is presented to the parites affected before we go to public consultation. This idea was used 15 years ago from the Shamrock Bar to the Redemptorist. It has worked well. It is the best option. But we must get the map out to people.”

Town clerk Frank Penotny said the purpose of presenting the proposal at the meeting was to inform the council member of the idea and then proceed to the consultation process.

Cllr Maria Doyle said the CBS primary school has applied for an extension and there should be joined up thinking on the whole matter.

Cllr Kevin Meenan called for door-to-door calls to explain all options and share ideas.

Cllr Sean Bellew said a lot more than Chapel Street would be affected and people in the whole area should be canvassed. “

“I would be wary of preceeding without direct communication with people in the areas,” he said.


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