Petsafe are speaking Dundalk’s language

The first 4 local employees  Tara Cummings SEan Nash Maria Coyle and Lauren Keating

The first 4 local employees Tara Cummings SEan Nash Maria Coyle and Lauren Keating

OVER the course of the last year celebrations at the acquisition of large foreign direct investments into Dundalk have been tempered by the realisation that significant numbers of employees would have to be acquired elsewhere.

Much of the blame for this has been the perceived lack of language skills in the Irish population. Yet for David Verdon, MD at Petsafe’s European Headquarters, he has not found this to be the case.

“There has been a lot of negative sentiment in the media regarding language issues among the Irish population, but we have been able to source people with languages here in Dundalk.

“Many people have returned from working abroad with language skills, while others have married people from abroad and acquired language skills that way.

“Without getting political, yes, there is a issue regarding the teaching of language in Ireland. That’s not something that is going to be corrected overnight, or by introducing a few courses in the local institute. It will be a long term process.”

Not suprisingly Petsafe received plenty of interest in the jobs, once advertising began for the postitions.

“We had been interest with applications being made to the UK and to the US.”

A fiancial accounts department, customer care, technical support and sales teams will be based in Dundalk. Petsafe export products to both large European retailers and distributors, and Dundalk will be the cornerstone of that business.

“We are looking for a different breed of people if I can say it that way. We want people who are passionate about pets. There’s no point having somone who is giving instruction about a product, when they themselves have no interest in animals.”

Petsafe have broad range of products; including cat and dog flaps, invisible fences and water and food dispensers for animals.




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