Paranormal investigators to probe sighting of Carlingford ghost ship

A view overlooking Carlingford

A view overlooking Carlingford

A paranormal investigation team from Cork are to investigate sightings of the Lord Blayney ghostship, after it was rumoured to have been spotted on Carlingford Lough in recent months.

The Cooley Peninsula Tourist office confirmed to the Dundalk Democrat that they received a request in recent weeks from an unnamed group from Cork, who wish to investigate the sighting of the ship, which has haunted the lough for over 170 years, along with other supernatural occurrences in the area.

Speaking to the Democrat, Tourist Officer Frances Taylor said that a rumour had been spreading of a sighting of the ship in recent months.

“During one of the storms there had been a reported sighting of the ship.

“I think that this was the first sighting of the ghost ship in nine years.”

The Lord Blayney was shipwrecked on the 20 December, 1833, with the loss of all lives on board.

The ship is now said to haunt the waters off Carlingford and Greenore, and there have been numerous sighting of the ship, making its way across the mouth of the lough.

Sighting of the doomed vessel are thought to precede maritime disasters in the waters of the area.

During the high tides and storms of last winter, it is believed that the ‘Fetch’ or ghost ship had been sighted once again.

Local seafarer Charlie McCarthy has over 40 years experience of the waters around Dundalk says he remains skeptical about any sightings of the Lord Blayney, but said that other supernatural events have been reported to him.

“There was a story that during the Famine, a philanthropist from Liverpool have been so affected by the plight of the people of Ireland that he undertook to ship supplies to Cooley Peninsula. There was however terrible weather and the ship disappeared, despite the people of Cooley trying to guide it in with fires along the seafront. They light the fires for weeks and week but it never appeared.

“But there was a radio operator here in the barracks called Frank Hughes, and he and his son, saw the lights of a ship coming up the river one night from their back window. They went down to Soldiers Point and they could see it was a sailing ship by the lights, a rare enough thing at the time. It turned and went up the Ballymascanlon River and disappeared. They believed it to be that ship.

“We also found in an old journal. There were three fisherman out off Cooley and they saw an apparition. Our Lady appeared before them over the water.

“There is a stained glass window in Kilcurry Church depicting this apparition.”


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