Panama Coffee go fact finding in Italy

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Stephen and Anna Egan of Panama Coffee attended the World of Coffee annual conference in Rimini Italy last week.

The event is held once a year and will be in Dublin in 2016.

“It really is a place for coffee aficionados with a wide range of Espresso machine manufacturers like the famous Italian brands such as the florence based Marzocco, to the Milan based Rocket ,” explains Stephen. “There was also a great selection of coffees available with strong representations from Central America and Africa .

“These included Fairtrade and Direct trade beans as well as provinces from the likes of Colombia and Honduras promoting their local Fincas or Farmers.

“These guys have amazing expertise at marketing their beans , you can actualy contact a cooperative in Honduras and describe the profile of the bean you want and how you want your coffee to taste and they will put you in touch with a farmer who can help you.

“Another interesting aspect were the roasting machines , where you could spend anything from 5000 euros to 150,000 euros.

“There were also a series of talks on the future of the coffee business as well as the world barista

championships won by a Japanese Barista Hidenori Izaki.

“We were very keen on tasting as many new coffees as possible , so we had little or no sleep.

“The ones that really stood out were the Ethiopian Shakiso and suprisingly a coffee from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“My personal favorite was a coffee from Kenya called Kiangoi, absolutely delicious , even just as an espresso.

“In Panama coffee we would love to bring more variety and selection to our clients and get them to

experience a wide a range of coffees from around the world , from the Chocolatey south Americans to the

fruity Africans .

“We plan on developing this side of our business over the coming months and

offering a wider range of beans for sale and maybe even move into the equipment side of the market but we will wait and see.”


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