Original summons sought

A man told Dundalk District Court last week that he wishes to see the original summons on his court file, as he believes something was written on it about him.

Patrick “PJ” Rogan Junior with an address at Monvallet Louth Village made an application to see the document but he was told he would not be allowed look at it in person and it would only be shown to his solicitor.

The Defence solicitor explained that his client was simply seeking a copy of the summons, but when Judge William Hamill replied that he was asking for a clean copy of the summons to be provided, the solicitor said his client was anxious to see the original summons that’s on the court file and what is written on it.

Judge Hamill said he would not be handing out what is written on it by the judge and asked if it was some kind of fishing expedition.

However, the solicitor replied that it wasn’t and added that his client is entitled to see the original summons that’s on the court file.

Mr. Rogan gave evidence that the district court office staff would only show him the front of the summons and he said he believes that something is written about him on the back of it.

Judge Hamill told him he could assure him that no information is written about him on the summons.

He said he would allow Mr. Rogan’s solicitor see it but added “It’s strictly for his eyes only” and said the contents should not be divulged to anyone else.


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