Opera singer Tara shines at the Proms

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Two months after newspaper reviews created a storm about media sexism over the role of Dundalk opera star Tara Erraught in the Glyndebourne production of Der Roseenkavalier, a very favourable review has been published in The Guardian newspaper.

The reviewer, Martin Kettle, praised the production at the annual Proms at the Royal Albert Hall London.

He said Tara Erraught has “grown increasingly confident as Octavian and, if it is not her fault that the Mariandel scenes overstay their welcome, she more than compensated by producing the necessary Octavian ardour in the set pieces and impressive vocal command in ensembles”.

Tara, who comes from Ravensdale, was cruelly criticised by London based critics for appearing as too masculine in the role of Octavian.

She has to play a man who dresses up as a woman. Mr Kettle said in his review: “In May, reviews of Glyndebourne’s new production of Der Rosenkavalier triggered a media storm about sexism. Now, two months later, in this semi-staged rendering for Glyndebourne’s annual Prom visit, many of those reservations can be set aside.


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