Olga grateful for support after accident

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Olga Silina’s life was dramatically changed after a car accident last July left her in a wheelchair.

Olga, who is originally from Latvia but lives in Dundalk, was invloved in a car accident in Dundalk nine months ago and spent four of those months in hospital.

Olga worked as a chef in the Carlingford Adventure Centre and says that she is eternally grateful for the support she received from her employers Tom, Mary, Thomas and Claire McArdle who run the centre.

“All the staff were a great support to me,” said Olga, “They came to visit me in hospital and over Christmas members of staff took it in turns to work one day for free and gave me and my family the money raised as a Christmas present.

“They also recorded a special film for me. They are very good people.”

Olga told the Democrat that her two daughters also work in the Adventure Centre and when they went to visit her in hospital, the McArdle family helped look after her two grand children.

“Some people would turn their backs on you in a situation like this but they could not do enough to help me.

“I am so thankful for everyones support. I miss working there.”


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