O’Dowd and Nash fight for St Joseph’s

FINE Gael minister for state Fergus O’Dowd and labour deputy Gerald Nash have both welcomed the publication of the HSE options appraisal document on the future of St Joseph’s nursing home in Ardee.

“Our remit over the past year has been to identify and explore various options for the continuation of services at St Joseph’s,” the two deputies said in a joint statement.

“We have worked tirelessly together on this at ministerial level and with the various stakeholders.

“We are pleased that we have been able to contribute to a pathway which would see services continue in a setting that provides excellent care.

Accommodations need to be reached for this to happen and we have recently requested a meeting with senior union officials who represent staff at St Joseph’s in a bid to assist the process.

“We remain willing to do this and committed to pursuing the continuation of care at this important place at the heart of mid-Louth.

Last week the HSE published a report on the possible ways in which services can best be delivered at St Joseph’s Hospital Ardee.

The report ‘Option Appraisal for the potential reconfiguration of Residential Services in St Joseph’s Hospital Ardee’ outlined a number of potential options on how St Joseph’s can be saved.

The report is the start of a public consultation process. HSE will be consulting directly with the residents of St Joseph’s and their families.

“The HSE would like to hear directly from the public especially those living in the local community,” Mr Dermot Monaghan area manager HSE Louth-Meath said.

This Option Appraisal Report provides us with an opportunity to share information with our stakeholders on both the challenges and the potential solutions to the provision of long term care and community support services for older people. The public consultation process will assist us in making decisions that are informed by all our stakeholders so that we can deliver services that best meet the needs of older people in our community both now and in to the future .”

Written submissions should be sent by email to louth.consultation@hse.ie, or by post to Louth Consultation, Office of the Operations Manager, Oriel Suite, St. Brigid’s Complex, Ardee, Co. Louth. The closing date 18 January 2013.




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