No plans to return home whilst lifestyle is so much better in Oz

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In this weeks Across the Water, Martin Grant talks to Sara Brilley, originally from Dundalk, now living in Camperdown, Australia.

Originally from?

I am originally from Muirhevnamor in Dundalk

Names of family?

My mum is called Imelda Brilley.My brother, David, is in the US. He left the week after me.

When did you leave and why?

I left Dundalk on the 25th of May 2013. My boyfriend was going to Australia and I decided to join him.

What’s your occupation?

Currently, I work for asilage contractor. I operate machinery like tractors for the current harvest. It’s for my second year visa.

What’s the biggest difference in settling into your new home?

The biggest difference is that you are living in the big bad world on your own, knowing your friends and family are 17,000 km away.

Is the social life much different from home?

Over here in Australia it’s too expensive to go out. Instead, we just have BBQ’s 
outside in the sun.

How do you like to relax?

I enjoy relaxing in the sun, outside having BBQ’s and going for a swim.

Have you been home since leaving and what changes have you noticed?

I haven’t been home since I left last year, so I don’t really know if there are many changes.

What’s the best and worst things about being away from home?

The best thing about living here is that you have your own independence and money.

The worst thing is the time difference.

If you need to make a call, you have to start calculating how many hours Ireland is behind and then wait to ring them.

Have you plans in the future to return home to Ireland for good?

I don’t want to go back yet. There is no work at home. The lifestyle here is so much better.

Name one thing from home that you wish you could buy in your local store?

Denny sausages. I miss them so much. Breakfast just isn’t the same.

Have you a message for your friends and family?

When are you all coming over here for a holiday to 
see me!?


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