New Tesco centre will celebrate Dundalk’s great railway heritage

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editorial image

Dundalk Railway Heritage Society and Dundalk Tidy Towns have joined with Tesco Ireland to include railway sculptures on the plaza of their new store in Dundalk.

The sculptures will include the upright pillars from the walkover bridge (The Battering Ram) on which was built in the 1850’s.

The bridge was in use for over 120 years and spanned the Dundalk-Greenore Railway.

When the bridge was taken down in the 1990’s it was bought by the Fane Anglers who had hoped to have it crossing the Fane to facilitate anglers.

This project never happened and the bridge was put into storage.

In 2010 the Dundalk Railway Heritage Society bought the uprights and set about finding a suitable location for them.

This was proving difficult and when Tesco announced they were going ahead with their plans to build a new store the idea of having them back at the original site was suggested.

Tesco were very receptive to the idea and agreed in principle to include them on the Plaza of the new shopping centre.

Dundalk Railway Heritage Society and Dundalk Tidy Towns told Tesco that in 1847 Lord Roden gave the land to the Dundalk-Greenore-Carlingford-Newry Railway for construction of the line.

A solid brass plaque of the Great Northern Railway will also be on display in the plaza.

“We would like to thank the Tesco Management for their most positive contribution to this project,” Mr Willie Duffy chairman Dundalk Tidy Towns committee said.

“We believe that through this collaboration the new plaza has been enhanced with a crucial part of the history of Dundalk Railway Heritage preserved in a fashion which will provide an understanding to visitors to the store, contribute to the Railway Heritage Trail around Dundalk and ensure an appreciation of the history in the vicinity of the site for future generations.”


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