New taxi rank rankles with local businesses

Antique Shop owner Jimmy Cumiskey  reckons the new Taxi rank will put him out of Business

Antique Shop owner Jimmy Cumiskey reckons the new Taxi rank will put him out of Business

A LOCAL businessman says that a proposed new taxi rank on Francis Street could damage local businesses in the area should it get the go ahead.

Well known local businessman Jimmy Cummiskey says that a new rank would decimate parking spaces in an area where as many parking spaces are needed.

“This is a major concern business on Park Street and Earl Street,” Mr Cummiskey told the paper. “We need all the parking that we can get. People who want to shop on Park Street and Earl Street need spaces during the day. This could decimate mine and other business in the area. I’ve been having calls from business owners in the area, who are very concerned since the news broke of the proposed new rank.”

Mr Cummiskey learned about the rank last week, but says he is hopeful common sense will prevail when a meeting is convened between the Chamber of Commerce and Dundalk Town Council, who are behind the move.

“There is no demand for taxis during the day. You only have to look at the Crowe Street rank during the day to see the taxis parked there all day. The demand is for a night time rank.

“A common sense solution for me would be for the rank to be for parking during the day and for it to be used at night when it is needed.”

There has been more demand for taxi spaces by taxi drivers since their Crowe Street rank was shortened last year, and it is generally acknowledged that Park Street on weekend nights is in need of more rank facilities.

Paddy Malone of the Dundalk Chamber of Commerce has sent out an email in relation to the rank outlining the council’s proposed plans.

The emails says that the Crowe Street rank will remain unaltered, that the North side of Francis Street will become a 24 hour rank, while the Park Street night time stand will be from 10pm to 6am.

Mr Malone says: “The Chamber of Commerce is objecting to the loss of car park spaces on Francis Street during business hours. Public car parking in the Earl Street, St Patrick’s Catherdral, Crowe, Park and Clanbrassil Street is restricted as it is. The area lost parking at the back of the TCCM with the revamped square.”

The Chamber have urged people who have an observation on the proposal to do so by the 5pm today (Tuesday).




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