New Garda gun law a response to Donohoe murder

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editorial image

A ground breaking new law which will see Regional Armed Response Units of the Gardaí permanently armed has been credited as a response to the murder of Detective Garda Adriab Donohoe.

The laws means that Gardai assigned to specialist armed response units will be enabled to carry assault weapons at all times while on duty.

The law has been introduced just weeks before the anniversary of the killing of Dectective Garda Donohoe.

As well as the murder of the Donohoe, the activity of the RSU in the border region, in regard to Monaghan and Louth in particular, means that more and more call outs and operations need the support of armed Gardaí.

Previously Gardaí had to unlock weaponary from the boot of the their car.

Following the death of Dectective Garda Donohoe. some Gardai said that the change from sub-machine guns to pistol had a significant effect and lessened the fire power of Gardaí.

Det Garda Donohoe was armed with a pistol at the time of his death on January 23 last year.

The latest move is thought to be welcomed by Gardai. There are two RSU based in Dundalk.


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