New arts centre plan for Dundalk

A NEW arts centre for Dundalk has been proposed by Dundalk Town Council and the Arts service of Louth Local Authorities.

Mr David Storey, senior executive officer, Dundalk Town Council, told the monthly meeting of the council that the plan was to bring the arts facilities in the Town Hall: the Tain Theatre, The Space, Basement Gallery, Maeve’s Bar, and the box office facilities, under one body, a new arts centre.

A new company will be set up to run the new arts centre.

The company will have seven board members.

The members liability will be not less than E1 euro in the event of the company winding up.

Two town councillors wil be elected to sit on the board.

It will also have a person with legal experience, ana accountant, and the county arts officer will also be a member.

It is hoped that the company wil be set up early next year.

The town council contributes E150,000 euro towards the Tain Theatre and this should be enough to get the company up and running.

Shows are already booked for the beginning of the year.

Mr Storey said the Town Hall has magnificent facilities but at the moment these facilities are being fully utilised.

This would be an opportunity to do just that.

“Four of the three facilities in the Town Hall,” he said, “are currently under used and that is why we want to take this route.”

It will be up to the new company to recruit staff to run the facilities.




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