Netwell Volunteer opportunities

In Dundalk, almost 60 people of all ages invest their time, talents and energy to make a positive contribution to their community by volunteering with the Netwell Centre to support positive ageing for older people.

“We match our volunteers with an older person living in their local area to provide social home visits, Ann Marron from the Netwell Centre said.

“Visits then continue weekly on a one-to-one basis in the older person’s home.

“Most visits last for an hour and usually involve nothing more than a cup of tea and chat with the older friend. 

“Firm friendships are forged between the volunteers and the older people, with many volunteers visiting the same person for many years.

“Some volunteers also give their time and talents to support day trips for older people across Louth and our weekly social groups for older people in Dundalk.

“This simple gift, of time and company, makes a huge difference to an older person experiencing loneliness and isolation.”

If you are interested in volunteering with the Netwell Centre on the social home visiting progamme or with Netwell older people’s social groups, please contact Ann Marron by calling 042-9370360 or alternatively you can call Pat at 087-9370361.

All support is greatly welcomed and appreciated.

The Netwell Centre is based at the Dundalk Institute of Technology and is interested in developing new ideas that enhance the quality of life and well-being of older people and those who care for them with the ultimate aim of enhancing longer living in smarter places.


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