Muirhevnamor residents sort out problem house

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A local house that was becoming a hotspot for anti-social behaviour at Drive 1, Muirhevnamor has been sorted out after the community rallied together.

Local election candidate Stephen Egan visited the area and was told by residents of how one house was of particular concern for residents.

“I noticed a house on the road had several windows and the front door smashed in and glass covering the front garden,” Mr Egan told the Democrat. He then spoke to local resident Mrs McGinn about the matter.

“She mentioned to me that it had been that way for several weeks and nobody had done anything despite the fact there was also a massive leak in the living room ceiling where a boiler had been stolen and water was now freely flowing down the walls.

“Another neighbour told me that the house had been used by prostitutes and junkies and produced photo of syringes strewn across an upstairs bedroom floor. The occupants had since moved out.”

Mr Egan made a few phonecalls and by the evening repairs had been made and the house cleaned up.

“On revisiting that evening I was happy to see my old friend Barry Traenor from Dundalk Glass and Glazing repairing the windows. The neighbours were certainly much happier for it and one of them even contacted the council to have the water to the house turned off in order to stop the leak.”

“It’s amazing what we can do when we come together as a community to address issues. Thank you to the good folks of Drive 1 in Muirhevna for working together on this issue.”


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