Movement medicine classes return

Movement Medicine Classes are back in Dundealgan Athletic Club on Monday, 23 June and Monday, 7 July at 8pm on both nights.

Movement Medicine is a practice which uses the dancing moving body as a way of reminding ourselves of who we are, our connection to life and of our own creativity. It is also alot of fun and a great form of exercise.

In these classes you will be facilitated to move and experience the pleasure and wisdom of the dancer in each of us, whatever age you are or shape you are in. There is no right or wrong way to move and no steps to learn

The teacher, Ann Cleary, is an apprentice teacher with the School of Movement Medicine having studied it intensely for over seven years.

She is approved by the Movement Medicine Association as a teacher.

There is a lot of research that suggests that dancing is really beneficial.

It helps with health, fitness, and stress reduction.  Because movement lets us escape the mind for a while it can help us relax and to look at our lives with fresh eyes.  

Research on dance in general suggests that it helps with mental agility and creative thinking (see 

Movement Medicine itself was the subject investigated in a recent PhD thesis which can be read here

For more information check out Dance Into Life Movement Practice on Facebook, email or call 086-7727096.


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