Motion of no confidence in directive

Cllr Edel Corrigan outside the   apartments

Cllr Edel Corrigan outside the apartments

Cllr Edel Corrigan hascalled for a vote of no confidence in the goverment directive that has led to the threatened closure of the Dundalk Women’s Aid refuge.

Cllr Corrigan is calling for a meeting under Section 5 of Standing Orders and has submitted her petition which had joint support from a number of other county Councillors, to propose of the following motion:

“That Louth County Council have no confidence in the directive from the government which has led to the reduction of funding and the forced closure of Dundalk Women’s Aid refuge.

“That Louth County Council Petition National Government to provide additional funding for the provision of services at Women’s Aid refuge Dundalk with immediate effect.”

Commenting on the proposed closure, Edel Corrigan said “It is tragic to think that such a vital service like the Women’s Aid Refuge will be removed from Dundalk.

“It takes a lot for someone in an abusive situation to remove themselves from such a dangerous environment and now these women will have nowhere to turn to.”

Councillor Corrigan continued, “Housing policies already work against those who leave the family home.

“Criteria for being accepted to the local authority housing list exempt you if you have a financial interest in the property.

“ The facilities at the Women’s Aid Refuge are second to none. What are these women and children expected to do now? It’s bad enough that such a high demand for these services and lack of funding has previosly led to hundreds women and children being turned away from women’s aid refugee in Dundalk as there are no resources to accommodate them.”

Cllr Corrigan concluded “We need to be preventing Domestic Violence by educating people of its effects and supporting those who need help to get out of harmful situations, not abandoning them when they are most in need of support.”


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