Morgan ‘wrongly’ said article was inaccurate

Cllr  Sean Bellew Cllr Conor Keelan and Cllr Oliver Morgan at their firts town council meeting

Cllr Sean Bellew Cllr Conor Keelan and Cllr Oliver Morgan at their firts town council meeting

Dundalk Town Councillor Oliver Morgan has explained why he ‘wrongly’ told a local radio show host that the article which appeared in last week’s Dundalk Democrat in relation to the alleged hacking of his Facebook account was inaccurate.

Cllr Morgan now agrees that the Dundalk Democrat accurately reported a telephone interview he gave to this newspaper last Monday 24 February.

In last week’s Democrat, Cllr Morgan alleged that two friends had played a prank on him which led to the publication of an explicit video through his Facebook account.

In an interview on the Michael Reade Show on LMFM on Tuesday morning last, Cllr Morgan said the report in this paper was inaccurate.

Cllr Morgan issued a lengthy statement on Monday of this week which clarified his position on the matter.

“At 9.30am on Tuesday 25 February I was interviewed live on The Michael Reade Show by Michael Reade, “ Cllr Morgan states.

“At that stage, being under the impression, that my two friends had committed a criminal offence by uploading the masturbation video to my page, and being fearful of them being punished for the offence, I very wrongly told Michael that Ian Cameron’s report in the Democrat newspaper had been inaccurate.”

Cllr Morgan states that on Wednesday 19 February, he was entertaining two friends in their 30’s in his house.

He explained that they were having a few drinks and he left the room for a short time to go to the bathroom. When he returned he quickly realised his friends had posted an explicit video to his personal facebook page.

“I immediately removed the video from my facebook page. I realised the silliness and seriousness of what my pals had just done and I scolded them and put them out of my home.”

Cllr Morgan went on to say: “I did not realise that someone had spotted the masturbation video on my facebook page and posted it to “Dundalk Friends photo and craic”, a page to which I have never posted anything since its inception.”

Cllr Morgan said he was taken by surprise when the Democrat contacted him on Monday to say that the video had been posted on the Dundalk Friends, Photo and Craic Facebook page.

“This was actually the first I had heard of the posting to this page and I was shocked and horrified,” Cllr Morgan said.

“I considered and discussed this startling information with Ian and told him what I thought had probably happened, about my two friends, the tittering and giggling and what they had done and Ian subsequently accurately reported the burden of our discussion in the Democrat,” he stated.

Cllr Morgan went on to say that he has not spoken to the two friends who allegedly carried out the joke.

“However, on having reflected deeply on the whole saga ever since, I consider that what they did to me was a silly, infantile prank and that nothing would be further from their minds than to damage me in any way either personally or politically.

“ However, the same cannot be said from whatever social media predator seized the opportunity to cause me very very grievous personal and political harm by seizing the extremely short-lived opportunity to send the masturbation video “viral”.”

Cllr Morgan said that the had considered pulling out of political life as a result of this incident but he has since changed his mind.

“When I was in the pits of despair in respect of this regrettable saga and having “been there” before I actually decided in the aftermath of the Michael Reade interview to “pull out” of political life altogether but, fortunately, I am surrounded by a group of good friends who wouldn’t hear of it and my hat is still, very much, “in the ring”,” he said in his statement.

Cllr Oliver Morgan


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