Moran blasts lack of consultation on Square

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Labour Senator Mary Moran has critcised the lack of a consulatation process on the planning of the Market Square, saying money spent on changing it could have been better spent elsewhere.

“While I welcome the fact that improved safety pedestrian lights are being erected at the square at the moment - It is a pity that this work was not carried out in the initial phase of the work.

“In my opinion It is adding to the cost of work which could have been saved if extensive consultation was engaged with the people who are experiencing access issues on a daily basis.

“This money could have been put towards repairing some of the footpaths which are in a dangerous condition and addressing other major concerns that people with access problems encounter.” The comments come as the Senator is about to host a meeting on accessibility in the area.

The meeting will take place at the Crowne Plaza on Monday 3 March at 7.30pm.

“Over the past number of months I have received many representations from constituents who have reported accessibility concerns regarding streets and areas in Dundalk town

“People will have the opportunity to raise any concerns and issues with access they are encountering on a daily basis and discuss suggestions on how access may be improved for people with a disability,sensory/ mobility issue or indeed people with buggies.

“I am delighted that Mr John Morgan, himself a wheelchair user, will present his recently completed report on Accessibility in Dundalk.

“Following the meeting I intend to bring the findings to Dundalk Town Council.”

and urge them to take on board the concerns that people with accessibility have.

Further details can be received by contacting or (042)9329052.


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