Man grabbed teenage girls

A 24 year-old man grabbed two teenage girls on the behind and he also grabbed a third teenager by the waist on a crowded street in town, a recent sitting of Dundalk District court heard.

Seamus Lambe, with an address given in court as Cluain Enda, Dundalk, was charged with two offences of sexual assault and another count of assault.

He pleaded guilty at Dundalk Court which heard he was very drunk at the time. His case was put back for probation and community service reports to June 18th.

The court was told on Wednesday last that the three girls, two aged 15 and the other 16, were attending a disco and the incidents occurred with people coming and going on a well lit street at 11pm.

The girls reported what had happened to Gardai while they were dealing with the defendant on a separate matter on September 27 last.

Garda Inspector Martin Beggy said that the defendant initially denied any knowledge of the offences, and then said the girls engaged him in conversation.

But the information the Gardai had was that he opportunistically came behind them and made contact with the girls and uttered an in- appropriate remark. He was very drunk. The defendant had previous convictions, which involved drug, public order, assault and drink driving

Defence solicitor Roger McGinley said the defendant admitted in a statement the following morning he shared a bottle of vodka with a friend and also drank a half dozen cans of beer which probably explained why he behaved with less inhibition.

Mr McGinley said the defendant appreciated the very serious nature of the sexual assault charges. He realised he had gone further than he had before in drink or otherwise.

He felt the defendant to some degree resolved to mend his ways for the future.

Judge Hamill commented the defendant was running out of options on being told that he previously served a 100 hours community service. He said he would see if he was suitable for further community service.


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