Man and woman in their 80s robbed by two hooded thugs

The Castleto

The Castleto

Gardaí are investiagated two callous household raids that occured on Wednesday in two separate incidents, in which two elderly people living alone were robbed in their homes.

The first incident occurred on the Castletown Road at 5.30pm on Wenesday evening, 11 December.

Two men, one described as 5’6 and wearing darky clothing and a hoody around his face; and another man, 6ft in height with a slim build, also wearing dark clothes and a hoody; knocked on the door of an 81-year-old man.

He was knocked to the ground, and the pair attempted to search him. They then spent 10 minutes ransacking the house in a search for money and valuables.

Then, at 7.15pm at the Fairgreen, two men matching the same description appeared at the door of an 82-year-old woman.

They forced open the door and went about ransacking the house.

The woman managed to hit her panic alarm, making her family aware that something was wrong.

In both cases the elderly victims were left traumatised, but physically unhurt.

Gardaí have appealed for information relating the two men, who are thought to be drug addicts. If you saw something suspicious and on either of the two ocassions, please contact Gardaí at (042) 9388400.


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