Major blow at Heinz with 16 job losses

The Heinz factory

The Heinz factory

Heinz in Dundalk faced another blow as the company are set to downsize their workforce by 16 workers, the Dundalk Democrat has learned.

Last November, the food chain announced that 29 jobs were to be lost.

Within seven months, the company has lost 45 workers in the Dundalk plant.

In a statement to the Dundalk Democrat this week Mr Nigel Dickie, Director of Corporate and Government Affairs, set out the company’s proposals.

“Heinz has announced proposals to further down-size the workforce at the Dundalk factory to meet reduced production demands in view of the very competitive nature of the frozen meals market,” Mr Dickie said.

“The proposals involve seeking twelve voluntary redundancies from the operations workforce plus a further four compulsory redundancies are proposed from the staff and management population.”

According to Heinz, a thirty day consultation process is now underway.

“We recognise the impact this would have on the people involved and their families. “Heinz is committed to treating everyone involved with respect and compassion.”

The company also confirmed that if the proposals are agreed, those impacted will be offered enhanced severance benefits, along with outplacement “to help make the transition as smooth as possible.”

The statement went on to say: “As a result of announcing these proposals there will be a 30 day collective consultation with the Union and Elected Representative for the management and staff population.”

In August of this year, Heinz revealed they were targeting 248 job losses across its 2,600 workforce in Ireland and the UK.

At that time, the local branch of the Unite trade union, highlighted that Heinz has been a reliable employer providing good quality jobs in Dundalk.


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