Maeve wants to help the more vulnerable

New Local Election  canditate Maeve Yore from Blakley Close getting on with her election campaign

New Local Election canditate Maeve Yore from Blakley Close getting on with her election campaign

“I’m fed up trying to change things from the outside,” said Maeve Yore, a non-party candidate who is running in Dundalk-South. “I’m fearful for the future for my children, and for people who are afraid to walk the streets of this town.”

Seven years ago, Maeve sat in the county council chamber and addressed councillors on the necessity of providing therapy for children with special needs.

She was speaking on behalf of SNAP (Special Needs Active Parents) the group she helped establish. Help was promised, but it never materialised.

It is this kind of frustration that has made her decide, maybe it’s time to change things from the inside.

Also, as a mother of four, with some of the family now grown and finished their education, she knows how frustrating it is for young people in this country at the moment who are trying to find jobs and establish a career for themselves.

“I’m fearful for their future,” she said. “I really am. And nothing is being done. Nobody in public life is taking ownership.”

Maeve is also concerned about the neglect of older people by our politicians.

“I was at a coffee morning in the Redemptorist last week and this man described how his wife, who needs care, has no one to look after her.

“It is all left to him. He is up 10 times a night looking after her. She has no carer. There is a lot of hardship and suffering and nothing is being done about it.

“I’ve spent 11 years fighting for the basic rights for children with special needs through SNAP.

“I know that you have to keep highlighting the needs and the problems facing people. You have to keep fighting to get something done.”

Her father died when Maeve and her siblings were all children so her mother had to bring them up with little help.

“She used to say to us: ‘you’re as good as anyone else, and you must try and help other people.”

And that is what Maeve is hoping to do.


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