Louth Young Fine Gael prepare for the upcoming election campaign

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Louth Young Fine Gael is putting the final touches to their election campaign for the candidates standing in the local and European elections next May. The branch, which was established in 2012, had a busy end to 2013 with the election of new chairman Ciarán Callan and attending the Young Fine Gael national conference that took place in Waterford. However 2014 brings a fresh new challenge as they prepare to aid candidates who begin their canvass campaigns ahead of the electoral vote which takes place at the end of May.

The branch are hoping to be the visual youth presence and voice of Louth at these local campaigns and will be individually and as a group taking part in leaflet drops, canvass runs and social media campaigns for the local candidates.

According to the organisation it is hoped that this type of campaign “will ensure that Fine Gael has a youth voice in county Louth. Louth Young Fine Gael is looking forward to aiding all candidates in their respective campaigns”.

“We hope to ensure that Fine Gael and indeed Young Fine Gael who have two members running in the next local elections, Cllr Martin Murnaghan and former Louth Young Fine Gael chairman John McGahon, will have a strong presence in the next Louth County Council.

“Post election plans have already been put in place for the coming year.

The branch hope to begin its social issue campaign, a campaign on local policy for the youth of Louth, and local and national charity fundraising, as part of its 2014 programme.

Fine Gael have a blend of youth and experience as they face the unknown in next year’s local elections.

John McGahon and Martin Murnaghan will run in Dundalk-Carlingford, and Colin Goss, Maria Doyle, Linus English and Paddy Malone will run in Dundalk-South.

It’s a whole new ball game: two six-seater constituencies as opposed to the current county council and town council set-up.

Is the party in for a roasting, considering the hard criticism it faces at national level?

Usually people vent their anger at governments in local elections, but Fine Gael has managed to put up a very strong team.

Paddy Malone has created a high profile through his work with Dundalk Chamber over the past couple of years.

He has worked closely with the very successful Louth Economic Forum and has shown himself to be a skillful convenor it getting different interests to work together for the local economy.

Maria Doyle has been very vociferous on Dundalk Town Council.

She took a very strong stance on the controversy surrounding the cycle lanes and has made a real impact.

Linus English has been very industrious at local level also.

John McGahon and Colin Goss, both have a strong political background.

With a new constituency set-up it’s all to play for and with such strong local candidates it seems unlikely the party will face a protest vote.


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