Louth Tweeters most active new figures suggest

New figures have revealed that when it comes to Twitter, the people of Louth most frequent Tweeters in Ireland.

Louth Tweeters have been sending an average of 6,588 messages for every 1,000 people in the county .

This is nearly six times as many tweets as the people of Longford, who can only manage 1,128 per 1000 of population.

What this says about the Twitter users of Louth, is not clear, though it could suggest that Louth people are more confident to express their opinions than other counties, or that as a county Louth are more communicative in general.

In neighbouring counties Twitter is also popular, with Monaghan managing some 4,530 tweets per 1,000 and Dublin a healthy 4,461 tweets per 1,000.

Carlingford native and Irish rugby star Rob Kearney has the most amount of followers of any Louth person with 174,000 or so followers.

Twitter is the fourth most popular social network in Ireland, which attracts an estimated 410,000 users each month, and has a 17% penetration. The global average is 22%.


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