Louth Legends ’57 and Mary’s Greats on DVD

Brendan Matthews

Brendan Matthews

Ardee man Brendan Matthews has produced a DVD collection called Louth Legends ‘57 and Mary’s Greats. In this article he describes how it all came about.

“On one of my frequent visits to Patsy Coleman,” said Brendan, “I decided to make a DVD recording of one his recollections, recalling memories of his football career.

“After completed a 20 minutes interview, I thought why not the same with the other surviving St Mary’s Greats. Also remembering those who have passed away. Greats being those club players who won a minimum of a Leinster title in any grade of inter-county football. And while meeting the St Mary’s greats I was also talking to members of Louth 1957 All-Ireland winning team.

“Louth winning that All-Ireland in 1957 was a tremendous feat and with the passing of time it has become even more significant. It has rightfully earned them the title “Louth Legends of ‘57”. So I set about meeting as many of the surviving members as possible any recording their memories on DVD format.

“So I now had a two fold mission to accomplish and a title change to “Louth legends of ‘57 and St Mary’s Greats on DVD covering 20 golden yrs (1940 -1960) of football in Louth.

“I also now had a project that started as one of 20 minutes and eventually finishes at eight hours. Never in my wildest dreams did I foresee myself recording the memories and feats on DVD directly from the players themselves.

“As I met these men a common theme quickly emerged. Firstly they are all very proud of their achievements and rightly so, and were happy to have them recorded on DVD format giving a more lasting memory of their football achievements and stories. That comes through their expressions and characteristics that will leave more lasting recollections with their family, friends and supporters to cherish.

“They all showed the same determination, dedication and will to win, and they are all proud of their achievements, but very humble and in no way condescending when talking about their careers. And this is shown by the way they talk fondly about the past and also the great respect they have for each other. Indeed some of them still keep in touch with a weekly call. I thank them all for being so receptive and accommodating to us on the recordings. I hope they will enjoy the

fruits of our work and I wish them well for years to come.

“I hope that in viewing this DVD it brings back many happy memories to many GAA fans.”


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