Louth is just a managerial merry go round

Mark Dearey  doing his numbers

Mark Dearey doing his numbers

Dundalk town councillor Mark Dearey has spoken of his ‘shock and disappointment’ at the departure of Louth County Manager Philomena Poole after just a few months in office.

“It seems to be something of a ‘managerial merry-go-round’ going on in Louth. I was very disappointed to hear that she was leaving. I feel that Louth has been let down. “

Cllr Dearey said that he felt that the Louth post was not perceived to have the same prestige as others.

“It appears that Louth, and other counties are maybe being seen as a stepping stone to bigger jobs, such as the managerial roles in Dublin, Cork and Kilkenny.

“These people are getting very generous wages and pension, and you’d think that maybe they could look beyond their own personal promotion in favour of the authority they are working for,” he told the Dundalk Democrat this week.

“The Green Party have spent a lot of time meeting Ms Poole, and it feels like that has gone to nought.

“Maybe some sort of contract could be drawn up that dictates a minimum amount of time a county manager can stay in office.

“This is going to cause a

major disruption,” he concluded.


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