Louth has low rate of dog destruction

Louth has one of the lower rates of dogs destruction in Ireland, new figures have shown.

Of 556 dogs surrendered to Louth County Council dog pound, 56 were destroyed in 2013.

This figure can be attributed to the large number of dogs (340) that are being transferred to dog charities such as Dundalk Dog Rescue.

520 on the spot fines were issued, 302 of which were paid; 68 prosecutions were brought under the Control of Dogs Act, and 14 convictions were resulted.

146 were rehomed or re-claimed through the pound.

Louth Dog Pounds total income was €128,241, while their expenditure was €160,910, culminating in a loss of approximately €32,600.

Louth Dog Pounds has three full time employees, three vans.

These latest figures from Dog’s Trust reveal that 15,481 dogs entered Irish pounds last year. The number of greyhounds destroyed in pounds remains regretfully high at 427 in 2013 compared to 404 in 2012.

There are 5,526 dog licenses in Louth, which is just 4.49 per 100 people.


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