Louth has highest rate of obesity

A report produced by the Irish Examiner last week revealed that Louth has the highest rate of obesity in Ireland as nearly 16% of the population is classified as obese.

The county has an unemployment rate of 23.8%, which is the second highest in Leinster and half the population is in possession of a medical card.

The Irish Examiner’s data-mining exercise also found that Louth has the sixth highest rate of lung cancer in the country as well as the 9th highest rate of prostate cancer.

In terms of mortality rate for cancer patients, Louth has the fourth highest rate of mortality for non-melanoma skin cancer.

Treatment of problem alcohol use is at the lower end of the scale according to the research.

The suicide rate in Louth, which stands at 12.2 suicides per 100,000 is above the national rate of 11.5.

In terms of births, 6.1% of babies were born with low birth weight (less than 5.5lbs) and 46% of infants were breastfed.

Nearly 16,000 people in the county are living with a disability.


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