Louth benefits most from Border Region

Louth county Council is hoping to increase its contributions to the East Border Region.

East Border Region Ltd (EBR) is a local authority led organisation made up of ten local authorities along the border including Louth County Council. Louth has contributed £110,000 to the region and got a total of £15,000,000 in return.

Tourism has benefitted in Louth. Also small business and 11 louth companies in Louth have signed up to smart energy programme.

At the meeting of the outgoing Louth County Council, EBR officials told the council that local government reform, both here and in the North, is a major concern for the organisation because funding sources will be affected.

Cllr Peter Savage said Louth’s return on investment has been huge and the county should be to the forefront of supporting EBR.

Michael Curran, Director of Services Louth County Council, said Louth has probably benefited more than any other county in the east border region.

Almost 90 companies have signed up to the energy efficiency project.

There was unanimous support that the county council should try an increase its funding contribution.

It was pointed out Newry and Mourne District Council are working on land that would be needed for building Narrow Water Bridge.


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