Local teachers protest end to Junior Cert

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Twenty-seven thousand teachers from the ASTI and TUI unions staged a lunchtime protest outside their schools last week, with local teachers protesting outside Dundalk schools.

The protest was against the abolition of the Junior Certificate and the phasing in of a new Junior cycle programme instead.

Colaiste Rís Guidance Counsellor Gerry Malone slammed Minister for Education Ruairi Quinn for introducing such a programme.

Mr Malone said that universities abroad look at the current Junior certificate when deciding if they will offer a student a place.

“With no state exam in third year many students could have their futures effected,” Mr Malone said. “

“It is a further dumbing down of Irish education. The minister ignored the teachers unions proposals for the new junior cycle and the national curriculum development association. He went ahead and introduced his own.

“If the programme goes ahead it will mean that students will no longer have a state exam in third year. It will also mean that each school across the country could have a different Junior cycle programme whereas now. The Junior Certificate means every student does the same examination.”

The protest by teachers took place during lunch time and did not effect classes in anyway.


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