Local Slimming World consultants bust diet myths

Dundalk Slimming World consultants Fiona Pepper, Karen Morgan, Aileen Moriarity, Grainne Smartt and Kayleigh Fisher are busting some diet myths out there.

“It’s an out-of-date myth that dieting has to mean deprivation,’ says Slimming World consultant Fiona. “We now know that it’s not the size of your portion that counts, it’s the kind of food on your plate.”

Getting active is another way to boost weight loss. “Studies have shown that building exercise into your life plays an important role in keeping weight off long-term, and can help you lose a little more weight than diet alone,” says consultant Kayleigh.

Meanwhile Grainne, who runs the Slimming World group at McGeoughs adds that “aiming for a Slimming World Body Magic award is a great way to get into the exercise habit.”

Another myth busted by the group is that losing weight is more difficult for older people.

“There is no evidence ot this, says Aileen.

Slimming World meetings take place weekly in in McGeoughs, Roden Place with Grainne (087-7966053), the Fairways Hotel with Fiona (086-0865554), and Kayleigh (087-0615775), Dowdallshill GFC Karen (087-2052182) and Wellington Hall with Aileen (087-2135756).


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