Local Enterprise Offices to be located at Dundalk Town Hall

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Cllr Mark Dearey has welcomed the county manager’s announcement at the monthly meeting of Dundalk Town Council regarding the future use of the offices in the Town Hall.

In line with a proposal from Cllr Dearey in December, the manager revealed that the new Local Enterprise Offices(LEO) will be located at the town Hhall following the dissolution of Dundalk Town Council.

“This is an excellent option for use of the Town Hall,” Cllr Dearey said, “and for the centre of Dundalk as well as the businesses and entrepreneurs of the county.

“It is putting entrepreneurship and business support at the heart of the town and at the centre of the new local government agenda.

“It is going to be a business resource centre for all of Louth and I would encourage anyone with a real business need to get to know what the new LEO set up can do to help them develop or scale up a business idea.

“It means too that the LEO staff are now at the commercial heart of the town. This will result in more informal netwrking and business intelligence passing back and forth. I would be very hopeful that this will mean the Local Authority will play a more supportive role in the local economy in the years ahead. But it is important that the LEO works for both ends of the county and must be seen as a countywide resource.”

Meanwhile, Cllr Dearey has proposed a motion for the April meeting of Dundalk Town Council that if approved will assist in addressing funding problems for the homelessness services locally.

“At the budget meeting in December we received 180,000 euro more from central funding than was expected,” he said. “At the time I suggested that we divert 50,000 euro into homeless services which were commonly known to be struggling to deliver due to cutbacks.

“Officials accepted the broad thrust of what I proposed and offered to come back with proposals. However, I understand that the Government funding has not come through yet and so no proposal has been put to councillors for consideration. I am putting down this motion, as the delay has become far too protracted and could mean that the funding idea will simply run into the sand. I am hopeful that this formal motion will trigger a response so that the funding can be drawn down by the Town Council.”


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