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When it comes to business, information on your market and the market in which your competitors operate can be the difference between success and failure.

One local business, Link2Plans based out of the Finnabair Industrial Estate, have expanded their business on that premise, and are now ensuring that their clients remain up to date on information relating to planning across the the 38 local authorities of Ireland.

“Each local authority organise their planning independently of each other. There is no integrated system that they share, and there is no centralised datebase for businesses to access,” says founder Danny O’Shea.

Danny O’Shea is from the Mount Avenue area of Dundalk, went to St Mary’s College and DkIT and has been involved in IT all his life.

“What we do is look at that information, slice and dice it, and take from it data on commercial planning that is relevent to our customers needs.”

Link2Plans have a client base that includes the country’s top building suppliers and construction industry businesses, for whom securing information on the next big project is vital.

“Initially we had worked with Smart Homes, where we collated information relating to large building projects, so that they could know where their next client could potentially be.

“After Smart Homes, it was clear that this information would be just as invaluable to a host of other industries and business relating to construction. And that’s where we are now.”

For example, if a one large internatinal supermarket chain wishes to know where across the country their competitors have plans to build outlets, Link2Plans can facilitate them.

Link2Plans set up business three years ago, and despite the recession, have carved their corner of the market.

“We are starting to see a stabilisation and a slight increase in the number of planning applications, which we see as a key indicator of the larger economy.

“We believe that it is here that we will see the first greenshoots of recovery. Already in Dublin we are starting to see a rise in planning applications.

“Larger houses, such as those 3,000 sq feet and larger, are c ontinously being built. However there is a perception that is cheaper to build now, but while the plot and the materials may be cheaper, the building standards are higher now then they have ever been, so the cost per square foot has increased.”

Mr O’Shea is now looking to Scotland to model a Scottish version of the business.

“We are launching buildstarts.co.uk, where we will be offering similiar information to the Scottish market. Hopefully it will coincide with a victory over Scotland in the Six Nations!”

If you want to know more about Link2Plans, visit htwww.link2plans.com or email info@link2plans.com or 042 9395022.


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